Djona (hypntizethemoon) wrote in cchsdramarox,

Camy, Kaitlin, and Heatherer lookin gorgeous!

Sam, Bryce, Ted, and I cha-cha-ing it up!

A good pic of me! Although my eyes do look green, but they look blue on the pic before I scanned it!

Kara who is too gorgeous it makes me jealous!

Me and the purdyful Liz!

random beach photo!

THE COOLEST PICTURE EVER!!!! Haha. Oh yes. This is my fave picture, I just think it looks cool w/the beach off to the side and all (lol thanks to Jay's bad picture takingness, but it turned out great!)

Random Kemah photo, Jenny told me it's the best picture of me she's ever seen! So I feel special!

Me and my beautiful loser!

The beyond stunning Lauren and Jessica!

Slut, Loser, Dork!

Sam and Bryce!

Me and Ted! Wow, I look hideous in this pic!

Old and new officers!


and many more at my yahoo album
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